Race Tips for 2010

January 20, 2010

I’m not sure if you notice but the Fort has become too small for runners. And because of such demand and popularity, race packets has obviously becoming pricey every year. So for me, it’s time to become wise. Here are my 2010 tips in choosing races:

1. Review your past race experiences. Since most running events can already be plotted in your race calendars, try to remember the moments when you most enjoy your runs and basically the times you felt you received your money’s worth. (I had a quick thought of KOTR and Condura of 2009 :))

2. Check out the race organizers. The success of each event mostly depend on them. Race orgs who have been consistent in protecting their names to avoid disastrous events are one of the things you should seriously consider.

3. Budget. Spread out your budget all throughout the year. Allocate budget for your trips, hostels, food, etc. Think of people who might be interested to join you especially in your long trips so you can share with the gas expense 🙂 Being with your running buddies/family members will create a fun, bonding experience that starts before, during and after each event.

Also, try to get discounts by registering early or in group. It’s one of the best ways to save. Although, don’t get too excited and register too early. You might get caught up with a more important activity and in the end lose your registration money down the drain.

4. Replace the races you will miss to train for your planned events. It’s good to see your names listed in race results once in awhile but on different note, you may say that it’s not really a loss if you’re still able to run your best during those times. Okay lang maka miss ng event paminsan-minsan.

5. Try new routes. To fuel your excitement, search for event places which you have not tried yet. I can still remember my first trail run at Clark Sacobia last year. The day before the trail run, I was on an adventure ride with my husband and kid, searching for a place to stay overnight to prepare for ‘d’ day. Everything else was a discovery. Truly memorable.

This 2010 will be another discovery trip. My first official race for the year and my second trail run. My trail running shoes will be resurrected once again. Me and my hubby will be running at TNF Nuvali. I have not thought of trail running as the sweetest way to spend a Valentine. Nonetheless, we’ll see how this thing would turn out. I’m quite excited now.

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