Universal Studios Singapore

May 6, 2010

This would be my third trip to Singapore and it does not seem to surprise me that there are always new things to see in this small piece of land. Singapore as one of the leading countries in Asia has proven itself worth visiting over and over. This year my excitement reached its peak as I heard the news about the soft opening of Universal Studios. This is great news to someone like me who’s on a tight budget this year. Thanks to all the promo fares from Cebu Pacific, Jetstar, PAL etc. Travelling became much more affordable. At least we now have Hongkong Disneyland and Singapore’s Universal Studios to choose from. I have not been to HK’s Disneyland (our next target) so I can only give you a peek of what to see inside SG’s Universal Studios. Here are some tips I can offer.


To get to Sentosa-Universal Studios, you have to take an MRT ride going to Harbourfront. Don’t be side tracked and start shopping at Vivo City Mall, Harbourfront. It would’nt be nice to carry along shopping bags with you. The very mall is your gateway to Sentosa monorail which located at the 2nd or 3rd level. Prepare en exact amount of $3 dollar coins (SGD) for a round trip ticket to Sentosa. Ticket booths are stationed before entering the monorail platform. A few minutes before going down the 1st station, look around and expect the feeling of excitement.


WATERFRONT station. Alight the first station. Prepare your entrance fee ($66 – weekday and $70+ on a weekend). I would highly recommend that you visit on a weekday. Not only can you save but you also lessen the hassle of long queues or paying extra for the universal express (access pass to all the rides without falling In line).



Just a few steps away and you’ll see the main entrance. Get a bruchure map and make a schedule/checklist of all the rides. Another tip, weather is so unpredictable nowadays so I suggest you bring a small umbrella with you. It can protect you either from a strong heat or storm. You really would’nt know.

Unfortunately, it was a rainy/stormy day for us. We had to tour with an umbrella. We had to do the indoor activities first while waiting for the rain to subside. Umbrellas can be hassle to bring along but the good part is they have locker rooms that can be rented. They are stationed near each ride which requires passenger to stay handsfree. It’s free for the first 30 minutes. Pay extra $3 for succeeding usage. You would also need the locker to leave your extra clothes. Expect to get wet expecially if you plan to ride the Rapids.


Waters are strategically located in different areas. It saves you a few dollars than buying a $2 dollar drinking water per small bottle. If you get hungry, use your food voucher worth $10 dollars. You’ll never go wrong with their burgers. It would even cost you less than eating rice because you can buy two for around $10.



When filled and almost settled, tap off the day by checking out some cool stuffs to take home. By the way, your ticket also includes a $10 voucher for souvernir items. Though the amount is too low to get you nice key chain (for collectors out there) at least you can always add a few bucks. As for me, I chose to buy sweet goodies instead. Never been fond of collecting small items.

There you have it. Another must see in Asia. Enjoy our photos.







3 Responses to “Universal Studios Singapore”

  1. Tony B. Says:

    Thanks for the info!!!

    By the way, have you ever heard about yummy-cebu.com? I hear they just started a new contest called Mama’s day out!

  2. Joshua Says:

    ummm… is there any one-way ticket for the sentosa monorail? Thanks for the info!!

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